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Troubleshooting Problems With Your Residential Well

Troubleshooting Problems With Your Residential Well

Your home’s well is a very important part of your daily life, and you need to be able to rely on it at all times to provide you and your family with water. When you have any problems with your water well, you’ll need to have them repaired as soon as possible, and you need those northeast Florida pump services done right. But before you contact a professional, you’ll also want to know that it’s absolutely necessary.

At Advanced Pump Service, our professionals can help you troubleshoot any problems that you encounter with your well and provide you with high quality repairs that you can rely on. Before you contact us, however, there are some problems that you can test on your own. If these simple solutions don’t solve the problems you’re experiencing, contact our professionals as soon as possible for well repairs.

Discolored Water

Residential wells can accidentally be drilled into areas that contain iron, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, and other naturally occurring minerals. If those things get into your well water, they’ll often cause your water to become discolored or to have an unpleasant smell. For instance, iron leaves rust stains and it can grow bacteria in your pipes, creating a soft reddish brown fur; likewise, manganese can leave black stains on clothes and form a coating inside refrigerator water lines.

If your water is discolored or smells strange, contact our professionals to have your well re-drilled and relocated.


The first thing that you should do is check to make sure the system is receiving power. Before you try anything else, verify that the electrical circuit for the well pump hasn’t tripped. The most common problem with residential wells is a lack of power, and in rural areas, power surges and black outs are very common.

If you notice that the fuse or breaker that provides power to your well continues to go out, do not continue to switch it back on. This could be a sign of serious problems with the electrical system, and you should contact a professional as soon as possible.

Pressure Switch

The next thing you should do is confirm that the pressure switch hasn’t shut the system down. The pressure switch can be triggered when there’s too much pressure. This is a safety measure that’s meant to keep the system from continuing to pump if a pipe breaks in the delivery system. Reset this switch, and if the problem doesn’t continue, you probably don’t need to hire a professional.

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