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Water Treatment

The water that you and your family drink on a daily basis needs to be clean to help you avoid major sicknesses. Unfortunately water that comes straight from pumps or pipes isn’t always the cleanest. In fact most water contains contaminates such as waste, dirt, bacteria and other harmful particles. The best way to ensure that your family is drink and using the best water is to hire a professional water treatment company.

Advanced Pump Service is a professional Northeast Florida water treatment company that provides clean water to residents of Northeast Florida. It is our goal to help keep your family happy, clean and healthy by providing you with fresh water.

We have a detailed process that involves several steps to ensure that your water is properly treated. Water treatment is a collective process that makes water more acceptable for daily uses such as drinking, showering or medical uses.

Professional Water Treatment Service

Advanced Pump Service starts their Northeast Florida water treatment processes by using two different methods.

Our professionals use both a physical and a chemical process to ensure that your water is properly treated. The physical process involves using settling and filtration. Settling is when the contaminates are allowed to sink to the bottom of the water before they filter.

The filtration processes involves the separations of the solids from the fluids using a medium such as a filter through which only the fluids can pass. This leaves the water free of dirt and other heavy particles.

The second process used in water treatment involves chemicals. These chemicals are eco-friendly and safe for human contact.

Our professionals start with a disinfection process that involves a small amount of chlorine being added to the water supply to kill any bacteria or microorganisms that might have settled in your water.

We continue the process through coagulation. This involves adding a chemical that will attach itself to the dirt, bacteria and other particles to make them heavy. When they are heavier, they sink to the bottom and make the filtration process easier.

The professionals at Advanced Pump Service understand that the water you and your family drink needs to be as clean as possible. The best way to ensure that your family is happy, clean and healthy is to take advantage of our professional Northeast Florida water treatment services.

For over 30 years, our professionals have been providing the residents of Northeast Florida with high quality water that they can trust to be free of dirt, contaminates and bacteria. We are happy to help you feel confident in the water that your family uses on a daily basis.

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