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Test Your Well For Water Treatment Needs

Test Your Well For Water Treatment Needs

Well water is a great source of fresh water for our homes. Wells allow homeowners to remain independent from other sources that require payment for water.

One draw back can be the quality of the water. Contaminants or natural elements in the water can cause health problems if present. That’s why testing the water regularly is an important process of keeping your water pure.

Water treatment is an important part of maintaining clean and pure water from your well. The best way you can make sure your family is always drinking good water is to utilize water treatments. Water purification processes will give you pure water you can trust.

There are several methods that are better to use for different contaminants, so testing your water is always going to be part of figuring out what the best options are.

Contaminants such as wastewater, marine life, fertilizer runoff, and more can make you very sick. Dirt, debris, minerals, lime, scale, and more can also make one ill if enough is ingested.

Well water can be perfectly pure and clean as is, so knowing what’s in your water is important. Knowing if you need water treatment is imperative for peace of mind and well being.

There are different types of scale that can make your water a color it shouldn’t be. Color is the most obvious indication that you need water treatment, but knowing what needs to be treated is always the first step.

  • Scale can make your water turn red. This means there is probably rust in the water.
  • Green water can mean either marine life or copper in the water.
  • Chalky white or pale yellow water can mean oxidized sulfur is present in your water.
  • Brown or black colors indicate the presence of manganese or iron.

Minerals in and of themselves are not necessarily a bad thing, but too much is too much and is unhealthy. This is why authorities set water standards for municipalities and those serving others with drinking water. Owning your own well means it’s up to you to ensure that your water is safe enough to drink.

Don’t let anyone tell you that just because you have the deepest well possible that your water will always be pure. If there are breaks in the line, any infiltration from the outside of the system can cause bacteria problems, mold, contamination from other sources or septic systems.

The fact of the matter is that no water source is ever guaranteed to be free from contaminants unless you are drinking water that has been treated. There are several ways to reduce scale in water treatment.

Polyphosphates inhibit the growth of scale. They are food grade and tasteless, so they are a safe method of water treatment. They are used in particular cases where a more complex system is not needed.

Reverse Osmosis is used to eliminate or substantially reduce a wide spectrum of water contaminants. It is up to 99% effective to remove dissolved solids and is often the best option for obtaining clean water.

Water softening removes magnesium and calcium from the water which are the major contributors of scale.

Water treatment is always going to be an important part of staying healthy whether you’re on a well system or getting your water from another source.

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